Biro Lamp keeps track of your pens

Offices have a way about making pens disappear.  In my mind of course there is always some chuckling little imp with a gold earing in one of his over sized green ears that is chuckling in the corner with my pen.  The one pen I need to write down some extremely important phone number.  Okay so it’s quite possible that I’m one of the many that would lose their head if it wasn’t attached.  That is just so much less interesting than a mischievous imp.  If you have similar issues be it with absent mindedness or a sneaky little imp, a pen lamp might be the way to keep your pens nearby.

It would leave them in plain sight and make them a part of your décor.  Therefore would make you more likely to put the pen back.  I would probably just end up having a lamp that looked stripped down with only one or two remaining pens.  Then again it takes skill and practice to get to where I’m at.  This lamp was designed by enPieza! Studio.  All of the pens are in working condition and when you lose a bunch you can easily reattach a new one.

Source: ShinyShiny