LED Candelabra by Lux Et Deco

If you’re tired of wandering the house looking for whatever it is that goes bump in the night and having your candle just blow out on you at a very inconvenient moment, you might pick up one of these instead.  Since all of us immediately go for the highly fickle candelabra to inspect a spooky noise in the night, one designer decided to create an update.  I know, some of you might think it’s more reasonable to just pick up a flashlight instead, but that’s just crazy talk.  Candelabras are just cooler.

These LED recreations come in either a color-changing form, where you can flip between all the bright shiny colors or a hand-embellished version.  The hand-embellished one actually features a lace pattern, to make wandering the house at night just a bit more spooky.  The color-changing type is being sold for €200  or $317 and the lace patterned one for €300  or $475.  Which is a bit much to pay for something to just appear as if you’re into modern technology while loving things that came along before such hi-tech things like the light bulb.

Source: technabob