Mio Knight Rider GPS navigation system gets official

Have you picked up a GPS navigation system for yourself yet? If you have not yet done so, make sure you shortlist the Knight Rider GPS navigation system from Mio. Yes, it has finally gone official. Inspired by the original Knight Industries Two Thousand (a.k.a. K.I.T.T.), you get to impress your lady friends and blokes (I suspect the latter group would be more excited at the sight) with some magic from the original TV series as you make your way across town to your destination within the shortest, most efficient route possible. Just in case you’re wondering what the level of authenticity is like, you’ll be pleased to know that the Knight Rider GPS comes with a Knight Industries-approved LED display and custom voice files for that added touch of realism.

The device’s integrated randomized greetings and 300 custom names will welcome you to your navigation experience. In addition to Mio’s hallmark high-quality navigation, the Knight Rider GPS features an active LED voice synthesizer display that moves in sync with the voice, just as it did on K.I.T.T.’s dash. The Knight Rider GPS can even be programmed to advise drivers of speed limit infractions for those inclined to apply too much turbo boost. The Knight Rider GPS features a 4.3-inch widescreen interface, which allows for more on-screen information and additional details about upcoming intersections. More than four million points of interest will assist drivers in locating gas stations, emergency assistance, hotels and restaurants — turning every trip on the road into an adventure. Like the original K.I.T.T., which had multiple modes including normal, auto and pursuit cruising, the Knight Rider GPS allows drivers to choose routing modes including the fastest or shortest route and highway preference. In a race against mobile assassins or your child’s soccer schedule, the Knight Rider GPS also features a SiRFInstantFixIII GPS receiver, which delivers faster GPS signal locks so drivers can navigate as soon as they are ready to drive.

You can pick up this surefire winner for $269.95.

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