AntAgonizer makes short work of fire ants


Anyone who has been bitten by the dreaded fire ants can tell you just how painful the experience is. Get your own measure of revenge with the AntAgonizer.

Meet the AntAgonizer, the revolutionary, non-toxic, long-term solution for the control of fire ants. The AntAgonizer kills fire ants without dangerous chemicals that poison your property, contaminate water resources, or endanger your children and pets. The AntAgonizer is safe, effective and green. There is nothing like it. The AntAgonizer uses a simple AC outlet and non-toxic bait to both kill the ants and drive colonies from your property.

A single unit is able to provide protection within a 150 foot radius, so you’ll probably need a fair number of these if you’re suffering from a pretty serious infestation. You can pick up the AntAgonizer for $89.95.

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