USB iPod Memory Stick with a bit of personality

If you haven’t been able to get your hands on one of the coveted iPods so far, but you love the look of them this memory stick would be cheaper and cute.  It doesn’t quite have the sleek look of the iPod, but instead goes for a cuddly lovable version.  Just flip it open and inside is a memory stick to hold all of your data. iPod owners could even carry this around to show their love for all things iPod without having to worry about the real thing getting stolen.

Now that the Touch has been out for a while, this style is a little outdated.  However, somehow I doubt that the little squinty eyes placed on the Touch would look nearly as cute.  It of course only comes in the classic white as featured on all iPods.  The USB drive comes in two sizes, the 1GB for £19.95 ($39) and the 2GB for £24.95 ($49).  If you’re interested, they are both in stock over at BoysStuff.  Although on this particular product I don’t really think that it can be written off as a guy thing.

Source: fosfor