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Man, if only the Battery Wizard made its way back in the 1990s where I spent most of my money on AA batteries so that I could get my kicks with the original Game Boy. After all, rechargeable batteries were not yet what they are today, so purchasing expensive alkalines (on a school boy’s allowance) was the only alternative if I wanted portable gaming.

Extend the battery life of throwaway batteries by 10 times or more. In the strictest sense, the Battery Wizard does not recharge Alkaline cells but reconditions them so batteries’ valuable chemical contents are fully utilized. Using the latest pulse wave charge system, all the main battery classes such as AA, AAA, C, D can be recharged up to four at a time. Four LED lights let you know when The Battery Wizard has worked its magic, while a built-in micro-process rejects faulty batteries.

You can pick up the Battery Wizard for £19.95.

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Stu Says: July 1, 2008 at 7:14 pm

You are better off buying the SANYO eneloop AA and AAA batteries. I received a set as a holiday gift, one word … AWESOME!! These things last forever!!! No need to keep recharging. The set I received even had a C and D “spacer” / “adapter” that allows a AA battery to be converted into a C or D size battery.

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