SoM-ToUR helps treat movement disorders


Step of Mind Ltd (SoM) has recently presented its concept and system that will be used in treating movement disorders, with the final product been dubbed SoM-ToUR. Sounds a bit out of this world, but here’s a brief description on what it does.

Based on the chaos theory and is a non-invasive solution that retrains the brain to process motor commands in a chaotic manner. The system is comprised of a specially designed shoe and proprietary software. The company aims to facilitate rehabilitation of persons with movement disorders (hemiplegia resulted from stroke or brain trauma, cerebral palsy), prevent deterioration of motor skills in the elderly, reduce muscle pain, and enhance performance in sports and leisure activities. SoM is led by a talented team of professionals with extensive backgrounds in neurophysiology, rehabilitation, motor dysfunctions, medical devices and business development.

I don’t know about you, but the thing attached to the shoe surely looks like some sort of whacked-out device.

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