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Ascom Wireless Solutions has just increased their WiFi portfolio by unveiling a new handset known as the i75 Messenger. This could not come in a more timely manner as the use of WiFi is growing at an unprecedented rate, in part due to freeing us from the shackles of a wired environment, which is always a plus point in my book (provided the drawbacks aren’t too impractical to deal with, of course). What does the i75 offer on paper? Well, for starters, it “combines advanced messaging and highly versatile telephony as well as push to talk capabilities. Built to support Professional Messaging, this handset is uniquely quipped to communicate with a comprehensive range of external sources, including building management systems, hospital systems and production process systems.”

According to Henrik Sandberg, Product Manager at Ascom, “Ascom has a unique position on the WiFi market with the i75 Protector (launched 2006) and now we are very proud to release yet another handset; the i75 Messenger. With the i75 Messenger in your hand, you’ve got a remote control to a specific machine, a door opener, or if you connect it to a work assignment database, you get on-the-spot instructions for you and your colleagues.”

With the i75 Virtual SIM-card, it allows a user to grab another system associated handset just in case there is an occurrence of failure in the previously used one. Various functions such as volume, menu and local phonebook credentials are stored automatically in the new handset, and all it takes is a simple user action. There is no word on pricing, but the Ascom i75 VoWiFi handset has been tested and proved to be compatible with Cisco Compatible Extension, (CCX) version 2. Are you currently a user of any kind of WiFi handset at home? If yes, do leave a comment on how your experience has been like, and if the answer is in the negative, do leave a reason why too.

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Jay Says: June 5, 2010 at 1:11 pm

The skys the limit and its RTLS abilties is another great feature

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