The Tristar Massage Chair would be great for Sundays

The weekend is almost over, I know, I’m sorry to remind you.  However, you’ll need to do whatever possible to relax today to make it through the week to come.  You know the silly little chair pad that you can slap on your desk chair or put on your car seat for long drives?  It’s nifty because you get a nice cheap massage and none of the troubles of having to go to a masseuse.  First of all with a masseuse you have to pay for them, which is just ludicrous.  Then you have the awkward factor of what type of person do you want to be alone in a room with, while they rub on you.  Granted it feels great, but some people do have an issue with that.

Well this chair comes masseuse free, and definitely beats out that cheap little chair pad.  The chair, from Bronze 69, has six different techniques to massage your feet.  Just park it in any room, probably away from the kids so you can actually relax a bit.  The giant chair also features Kalfasun high pressure lamps that relax the muscles in your face and hands.  It includes a CD player and audio system to let you relax to the tunes that help you chill out.  The down side is that the price of the chair is far from relaxing, it is being sold for about $7,807.

Source: bornrich