Atrio universal headphones update


The popular Atrio universal earphones has just been given an update, known as revision 2 edition. Of course, any and every revision comes with improvements of sorts, but it remains to be seen just how much of a leap is taken at that step. Future Sonics is dead serious when it comes to the Atrio professional earphones though, featuring improvements which are able to respond to musicians, engineers, producers, and production companies. Read on more after the jump to know more about the Atrio revision 2 edition earphones.

This update can be applied in a variety of situations, including live concert stages, recording studios, broadcast applications, and houses of worship. If you happen to spend most of your time on your iPod, Zune, satellite radio and video game consoles, this is also a pretty good purchase although I think it might be a wee bit over-rated. Some of the Atrio features include :-

  • Outstanding energy and feel with unmatched bass response accuracy
  • Warm, natural midrange for true-to-life vocals and instrumentation
  • Accurate and detailed treble without the “bite” of other brands
  • 100% armature-free studio-grade MG5pro drivers
  • Crossover-free acoustic architecture
  • Multiple comfortable fitting options included
  • Upgrade to SofterWear™ custom-fit availability
  • Listen like the pros with live concert sound quality

In addition, you get QuietCables II for superior audio quality, greater flexibility, less tangling, and a more comfortable fit around the ear. If you aren’t down with that wearing style, you can always hang it from the ear. The TrueTimbre frequency response ranges from 18Hz – 20,000Hz for an even more natural sound quality, doing away with the need for you to crank the volume up while ruining your ear drums in the process. As for the improved slider cable, more secure positioning and greater comfort is always welcome in my book. The Atrio Professional Earphones will retail for $199 a pop and are readily available.

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