Hasbro and Tiger Electronics A.M.P.

Can anyone tell me what is happening on Battlestar Galactica lately? It used to be that it was humans vs. Cylons, but now it’s like Cylons vs. Cylons, humans forming alliances with Cylons that look like humans, and some odd religious stuff thrown in. It almost makes me long for the original series, which was, at best, an obvious Star Wars knock-off.

Well, the war between the humans and Cylons just took an odd turn as Hasbro’s Tiger Electronics introduced the A.M.P., the Automated Music Personality. The A.M.P. has a sleek black finish and stands 29 inches tall with two perfectly balanced wheels like a Segway.

The A.M.P. is an apt acronym as a user can stick an MP3 Player on its back and watch the A.M.P. dance. Somehow, it can “express his personality through 49 LED lights and futuristic sound effects”. Speaking of sound, the A.M.P. has 12-watts of stereo sound that includes 2 tweeters, a mid-range speaker, plus a bass boost touch sensor.

The A.M.P. can be programmed in five modes: Dance, Track, Drive, Park, and Follow. The Track mode, for example, programs the A.M.P. to dance and yet still face the user.

The A.M.P. should be available in October for about $400 to $500. I believe the series finale of Battlestar Galactica will have aired by that time. I’m guessing the show will end when the A.M.P. teaches humans and Cylons to dance together in peace and harmony.