The SIX lighted chair looks super comfortable

by Ally

It seems today I have a thing for odd office furniture, I swear I didn’t actually start out the day deciding to write up electronically charged furniture.  First there was the Executive Desk, and now this odd little chair.  However, although the desk is up for sale, this chair is still a concept design.  The SIX chair was inspired by architectural designs, such as the Eiffel tower.  The odd little chair can be equipped with a light to give a nice glowing effect in your office.

The chair comes in chrome and clear as well as several different color options to keep things personalized to your tastes.  It was designed by Ian Giles Mason and even if you were to decide to pick up a light for the chair, it is detachable.  The cool honeycomb look on the chair would look great in most contemporary or industrial style homes.  It is definitely for those that have a bit of an edgy style.  Although, I can’t see the chair being all that comfortable to sit in.  At least it will look nice though, perhaps it’d be better suited as a chair you just sit in the corner and never actually use.

Source: yanko

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