GPS Navigator uses a Teddy Bear Interface

by Mark R

See this Teddy Bear here? He isn’t just a soft cuddly toy, but a GPS Navigator. That’s right, when this guy goes out to the woods today, you had better come along. In fact, he’ll even give you directions to the Teddy Bear’s Picnic.

Not only will this Teddy Bear, designed by iXs Research Corporation, give you audio directions, but it will also point with its little arms to tell you where you need to turn. By the way, there is some sort of alcohol detection sensor around its neck that prevents you from driving if you are too drunk.

This thing certainly looks cute. However, I have no idea how a user sets its destination. After all, there is no screen on the thing. Well, you got to give iXs Research Corporation credit for trying a completely new design for the GPS.

Personally, if I wanted a character to give me directions, I would have chosen something cool, like Captain Kirk. Good old James T. could give me directions of left and right from his captain’s chair, and if I had to go straight, he would just say “steady as she goes, Mr. Sulu”. Just picture a tiny Kirk on your dash, speaking in William Shatner’s pregnant pause style.

But no, they had to pick a Teddy Bear. I’ve heard that Teddy Ruxpin is still upset that he didn’t get the job.


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