Sony unveils new MicroVault Click range

Sony has a new range of USB flash drives that will definitely appeal to those who love colors and absolutely adore the idea of merging both form and functionality in whatever device they use. Dubbed the new MicroVault Click, this spanking new range will come in a wide range of colors that will put a rainbow to shame, featuring storage space of up to 16GB along with a maximum read transfer speed of 31MB/s which ought to be more than enough for casual, everyday use at the office. Performance buffs can move aside, since there are always other speedier solutions which you can rely on such as a high end portable hard drive if you happen to want to store and carry your important information wherever you go.

Not only does the new MicroVault Click range feature advanced performance and increased storage capacity for today’s memory hungry world, you also get high speed data transfer rates as well as Windows ReadyBoost compatibility that supposedly improves PC memory performance on Windows Vista without the need to install additional RAM. Take my word for it – nothing works better than throwing in an extra stick (or two) of RAM into your PC/notebook if you want a quick performance boost, especially for folks who tend to indulge themselves with large files while at work.

You must be wondering where the ‘Click’ part of the naming convention comes in – well, according to Sony both the MicroVault Click and Click Excellence ranges feature a neat ‘click’ design that uncover and retract the USB connector for convenient use, doing away with the risk of accidentally losing your USB flash drive cover simultaneously. You get write speeds of up to 11MB/s, making data transfer a snap via USB 2.0 connectivity. This new range is blessed with a 5-year European warranty, Whatever happens to those of us living across the pond?

Source: BIOS