5 Foot Long Fishing Lure Will Put Nessie In Her Place

As politically incorrect as it might sound, how cool would it be to catch a whale while you were fishing? You wouldn’t even be able to hold the big guy up for a photo-op, yet alone transport it onto your dinghy.

But a man can dream! And such is the concept of the novelty 5 Foot Long Fishing Lure. This is something that old Ahab really could have used while battling the great Moby Dick on the rocky waves.

Of course, the problem wouldn’t be so much as attracting the large mammals of the sea (and perhaps even the mythical Loch Ness herself), but you’ll have quite a difficult time actually reeling the bugger in. And then bringing the monster to shore? Psh, forget about it.

Just because the lure has a novelty size doesn’t mean it comes as a novelty price. Apparently the 5 Foot Lure is a very serious product, selling for a tremendous $445!

Product Page via Nerd Approved

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