Kill-A-Watt PS Electricity Usage Power Strip


killawat.jpgWhen it comes to electrical power, gauging the quality and quantity being used is no easy task. The Kill-A-Watt PS Electricity Usage Power Strip will be able to help you out in this area while offering a certain degree of protection to your plethora of gizmos.

Simply connect your electronics to the Kill-A-Watt PS, and it will assess how efficient they are while the built-in surge protection keeps them safe. Advanced features such as over current, over voltage, and no load detection provide clean, safe power to your expensive equipment. Check the quality of your electrical power by monitoring Voltage, Line Frequency, Amperage, KWH, Current Leakage and more. A built-in “maximum amps” switch on the control panel allows you to optionally select the maximum current (Amps) the unit will deliver to the attached appliances without automatically shutting off. Use a small screwdriver to select either 2A, 5A, 10A or 15A.

Just make sure you’re ready to part with $99.99 for the Kill-A-Watt PS Electricity Usage Power Strip first.

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