ProLink ProStar GPS at Brickyard Crossing Golf Course

prolink-prostar.jpgProLink Solutions announced that its Brickyard Crossing Golf Course located at Indianapolis, Ind. will now feature the ProLink Solutions ProStar GPS system which has to date, seen action at many of the world’s most famous golf courses. This is one nifty way a GPS system will be able to help folks out in everyday life instead of just offering you the best route to and from work. After all, having a GPS system with you on the golf course will greatly aid your game and help save time in the long run, as you know exactly where to walk to – I’d just make sure my maps were updated before I head out to the greens though.

According to Jeff Schroeder, Brickyard Crossing head professional, “Players at Brickyard Crossing rely heavily on ProLink GPS to help them negotiate the hazards and place the ball in proper spots. We consider ProLink not only a great amenity, but a necessity when it comes to keeping up pace of play, managing our carts, and handling large tournaments. It also helps the course maximize revenue through food-and-beverage functions, pro shop promotions and the advertising program.”

Brickyard Crossing did feature ProLink’s GameStar GPS system previously, and is part of the nearly 90% of courses who renewed their lease with ProLink last year. After all, golfers in a sense do enjoy the finer things in life, and ProLink won’t let them down with a patented 10.4″ high resolution colors display which is incidentally one of the largest in the industry. Features include easy-to-read graphics comprising distances to the pin and hazards, pro tips, pace-of-play timer and radial arc for cart-path-only holes. Golfers at Brickyard Crossing can also use the ProLink device to order food and drinks at the touch of a button without having to trudge all the way back to the cafeteria. Do leave a comment at the bottom of this post if you, being a golfer, have seen how GPS technology change your golfing life.

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