ZeeVee rolls out ZvBox

zvbox.jpgZeeVee has announced the launch of its ZvBox today, bringing yet another consumer electronics product that is used for watching Internet TV, online video or computer content on that spanking new HDTV in your living room. This sounds like a timely device considering the explosion of Internet TV and movie downloads that have so far been confined to the (relatively) small display on your computer – unless you’re one of those folks who prefer working with your PC hooked up to your HDTV. Some other solutions to date haven’t exactly been working out too well in solving this problem as drawbacks include limited content, added subscription fees and the need for a box at each TV.

The ZvBox from ZeeVee prides itself in being the first device that allows consumers to watch anything they can get online or on their computers on all the HDTVs in their homes. This is made possible by hooking to monitor output of the computer while turning it into a new HDTV channel known as Zv, which will then be broadcast across the existing cable wiring in your home to all the HDTVs in there. This enables TV viewers to free themselves from the clutches of restrictive set-top boxes, rigid network schedules and living with a small monitor size while watching the latest movies and videos. Some of the other benefits include :-

  • Lets you watch anything available online or on your computer, with no new subscription fees
  • Broadcasts the same great HD resolution that is displayed by your computer
  • Uses your existing cable wiring to reach all the HDTVs in your house with just one box
  • Eliminates the need for a receiving device near your HDTV
  • Experiences no wireless interference or performance problems
  • Allows you to start watching Zv in one room and finish in another

The ZvBox is now available for $499 a pop.

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