Performance Water Cycle

performance-water-cycle.jpgSummer is coming and before you know it, you’ll be out frolicking in the sun without a care in the world. Most people will head for the beaches or lakes, as water-based activities are always a popular choice. Next time you do so, why not bring the Performance Water Cycle along with you?

This is the single-seat water cycle that combines the exhilarating experience of riding a recumbent bicycle with the smooth water displacement of an open-topped kayak, allowing you to navigate smoothly around lakes, harbors, and ocean inlets. Appropriate for those wishing for a relaxing cruise or a vigorous workout, the craft has an efficient, smooth pedal crank that uses an 8:1 gear ratio to drive a 15″ two-blade propeller through the water, allowing you to reach a speed of up to 7 MPH–as fast as an Olympic swimmer and faster than typical paddleboats. An aluminum recumbent bicycle frame extends from the hull, providing a sturdy platform for its cushioned adjustable bicycle seat, allowing you to achieve an optimal pedaling position. The cycle frame separates from the hull for easy transport. Highly responsive turning is provided by a rudder controlled by the frame’s adjustable handlebars; stopping and reverse are accomplished by pedaling backward. The craft’s fiberglass-covered, high-density foam core hull is buoyant, seamless, and leakproof, with precisely-balanced integral pontoons for a stable ride, even in waves as high as 3′. Its shallow 17″ draft allows you to pedal into water only 2′ deep.

Sounds like the perfect summer toy – only if you have a rather fat bank account, since the Performance Water Cycle will set you back by $2,999.95.

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  1. needs a mesh seat. those handle bars are useless and in the way and are potentially dangerous. there should be handles underneath the seat instead.

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