CellSensor EMF Detector: Perfect For Hypochondriacs

by AndrewD

CellSensor EMF Detector
We all know a person like this. You know the one I mean. Every ache leads to a fatal illness. Every headache MUST mean that they have brain cancer. The word is hypochondria, and it’s everywhere we turn.

This sub-branch of extreme personality trait is the perfect crowd for scientists performing research studies on EMF cellphone emissions to prey upon. “Talking on cellphones too much can lead to brain cancer!” This might lead to a hypochondriac cutting their phone use significantly, or even disowning the device all together.

Put their minds at ease with the CellSensor EMF Detector, a home solution for measuring both radio frequency radiation and extremely low-frequency magnetic fields. And the CellSensor doesn’t necessarily only work with cellphones. Move the sensor around your whole house to really give that special someone a scare.

The good news for you non-hypochodriacs is that even if you don’t believe your cellphone is causing any EMF-related health problems, the CellSensor might save your life (or at least your overall health) by proving your skepticism wrong with hard facts. Even if the EMF source happens to be a gadget other than your cellphone, an early warning of an unsafe EMF emission can focus your attention on a potentially dangerous device.

The $30 CellSensor should give you a pretty good idea on what gadgets are safe or unsafe, depending on their levels of EMF. At least they’ll have some hard proof to back up their hypochondriac claims. And if not? Then they can sleep easy, knowing full well that their cellphones are safe for everyday use.

Product Page via OhGizmo!

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