Seiko Slimstick

Seiko Slimstick

Recently, I have become fixated with devices that help you lose weight. Last week, it was the Tanita BC558. This week, the Seiko Slimstick, a more portable weight-loss device.

The Seiko Slimstick is a more advanced version of those old-school pedometers that can count your steps. Just between you and me, I always thought those step-counters were kind of useless. Their accuracy was highly questionable, as they would register a step if they were shaken. Not only that, what good is it to discover how many steps you’ve taken in a day? I suppose you could convert that to miles, but most exercise programs are based on burning calories, not miles.

The Slimstick is a more accurate pedometer that uses dual-axis accelerometers to track the magnitude of a user’s movements. It is easy-to-use as it clips to the user’s clothing, and is the size of a pack of gum. While on the user’s person, it can then count calories burned during the day, the amount of time a user was active, and, of course, the number of steps that were taken during the day.

The Seiko Slimstick is only available in Japan, for a price that is equivalent to $60-70 US Dollars. It can be purchased in silver, pink, or gold metal finishes. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a plan for an overseas campaign.


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