Thorr Electric Car


A marriage between a Lotus Super 7 type carriage with a state of the art electric powertrain results in the Thorr Electric Car. You won’t get a roof with this though, so make sure you have a comb with you at all times should you want to take this out for a spin.

ThoRR uses a chassis that has been inspired by the Lotus Super 7 concept. This concept stands for high performance through simplicity and light weight. Because of the absence of ABS, power assisted braking, power assisted steering, any form of sound absorption, even a roof and a windshield, only the basics of a car remain. Driving becomes a symphony composed by the drive line, the chassis, the wheels, the wind and the road. The simplicity of the car, that doesn’t even uses a gearbox, makes it possible to actually feel all the aspects of the electric drive train.

No word on pricing, but it should be crazy expensive.

Product Page via TRFJ

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  1. I wish someone would make practical electric vehicles. Companies like this have been making advancements in EV tech however they automatically shove it all in to a sports car package to compete with other high end cars.

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