Cool off at night with the BedFan


I’m one of those people that loves to keep their bedroom cold at night. I suppose this has something to do with growing up in an old drafty farm house. Aside from those warm winter nights, my room was almost always chilly when I was in bed, thus I would have half a dozen blankets to curl up with. Nowadays I usually keep my window cracked and a fan on, however, that’s not always enough to keep me cool. However, one of these BedFans might do the trick.

Essentially what you do is stick this contraption at the end of your bed between the matresses. It will suck air from under your bed and blow it between your sheets at your feet (and hopefully towards the rest of your body). This is something that would be worth a shot, and the $100 cost would likely be offset by the amount of money I’d save by trying to keep my bedroom cold all of the time.

Source: RedFerret

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