TurnOn Multi-Functional Spinning Wall

TurnOn Multi-Functional Spinning Wall

If you live in a place like mine, you find that space is a necessity that you simply do not have. Therefore, it might be good to take what little space you have and make it multi-functional.

This is where the TurnOn Multi-Functional Spinning Wall comes in. Basically, it is a room that uses the one part you never use: the ceiling. All you need to do is get into this giant wheel and roll it into place.

As you can see, it can function well as a table for two. Spin it again, and it is a lounger. It looks like that is about all it can do unless you want a bigger wheel.

I’ve seen a lot of people who complain that this device is impractical, but I don’t think so. The problem is that we may need to become a society who needs to conserve space.

Anyone remember a movie called The Fifth Element? In that flick, Bruce Willis played a futuristic taxi driver in a cheap New York City apartment that was completely modular. The refrigerator became the shower, and the bed became the couch. All designed to conserve space in a greatly overpopulated society.

In other words, we might not like the Spinning Wall, but if space is limited, it might have to be used. Perhaps we should all get used to it. Let us see what the future will bring.