iGo Mobile Charger for Mobile Devices

iGo Mobile Charger for Mobile Devices

Considering that every mobile device needs to be charged, it would be nice to have something that you can use just in case you get into a pinch. After all, I can’t begin to count the times where my cell phone is about to die, and there isn’t an outlet handy that I can use for the next hour.

Enter the iGo, a mobile device charger that is mobile. The kit comes with two Duracell AA batteries that allow a user to plug into a mobile device in order to recharge and/or power it.

That is, it can charge any mobile device provided you have the proper tip for it. I have seen the tip, and it looks like a mini-USB, but I can’t confirm that. However, the iGo has a lot of tips sold separately, such as the A61 for the iPod.

The iGo also has other accessories, including the wall charger, a $20 dollar device that works like the iGo, but you just plug it into the wall and then to your mobile device. There is also the power splitter, which allows for charging two devices at the same time, such as your cellular phone or iPod, two very often used devices.

Although the iGo is about $16, you might spend more on accessories. You might want to figure that in your budget if you want to purchase it.


2 thoughts on “iGo Mobile Charger for Mobile Devices”

  1. Works in a pinch… will give a 50% charge aftere charging about an hr. Drains the 2 AA batteries very quickly. Have extra batt avail. They will last for about 2 charges.

  2. I’ve bought 3 iGo’s bc I live in a small town. The prong that fits into the laptop broke off the first one after a few weeks. The next 2 developed shorts after 3-4 months. The fourth burnt up my laptop after five minutes. Now, iGo, who never answers their customer service line won’t respond to the 3 I’ve left on their voice mail telling them I am sans laptop bc of their product.

    Stay awat from these products. They don’t last and have no company backing whatsoever.

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