Best Hedge Trimmer

hedge-trimmer.jpgAre you currently in the market for a hedge trimmer of sorts? If so, then let Hammacher fulfil your needs with the Best Hedge Trimmer.

This electric hedge trimmer was selected Best in tests conducted by the Hammacher Schlemmer Institute for cutting ability, handling, and safety. It has a powerful 41/2-amp motor that provides 3,650 strokes per minute, enabling its 22″ long double-reciprocating blades to cut through a 3/4″ branch or stem. The blades are made of high-carbon steel and coated in titanium–renowned for its corrosion-resistance- -helping them to retain their sharpness for the most reliable cutting performance available. Its comfortable cushioned grip allows both left-and right-handed users to efficiently operate the trimmer, and panelists noted that this model generated the least amount of vibration and was the easiest to maneuver due to its blade length, unlike heavier, unbalanced longer-bladed models. A safety lock on the handle instantly turns the trimmer off when you remove your finger from the handle.

Hammacher is currently selling the Best Hedge Trimmer for $89.95 a pop. Those living in apartments need not apply.

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