CSR MusiCore 1

csr-musicore1.jpgCSR has just launched the MusiCore1 – touted to be the first fully featured single-chip for cell phones in the world that packs both a stereo audio processor and Bluetooth capabilities. What does this mean for the end user? Why, it will help reduce the burden on your pockets as you will actually be able to save (in theory) up to 75% of the cost of an audio processor, in addition to 36mm squared of space which could be used for other purposes. The MusiCore1 is good for up to 100 hours of audio playback, and has the ability to decode MP3, AAC, AAC+, WMA and SBC files, making it cater for most of all casual audio listening needs.

Merging both an audio processor and Bluetooth connectivity, the MusiCore1 will be able to reduce the bill of materials by a rather significant amount. Not only will your pockets breathe easier, both the efficiency and battery life of the cell phone will increase since the phone’s processor itself won’t be burdened by performing way too many tasks than it can handle. CSR has improved its DSP architecture by leaps and bounds, significantly improving upon processing audio files at 5.25mW for an MP3 file. Compare that to the 80mW consumed by a cell phone’s processor when performing the same decoding. whenever the MusiCore1 handles music files, the processor will be able to take a break and further help you save power that can be translated into talking minutes with your girlfriend.

According to Matthew Philips, Senior Vice President of CSR’s Mobile Handset Connectivity strategic business unit, “End-users are demanding MP3 as a function in phones but currently not using it because decoding MP3 files consumes too much power. MusiCore1 addresses this by presenting low power but high quality stereo audio processing to give 100 hours of music playback, high quality voice enhancements and added Bluetooth wireless connectivity. The quality and playback time make a MusiCore1-based music phone a much richer experience for the end user.”

Source: Gizmag