Topfield Freeview Playback Recorder



TV addicts will definitely find the Topfield Freeview Playback Recorder a must-have in their homes, since it helps you keep track of all your favorite TV shows even when you’re not lounging around at home.

Using a Topfield you can pause/rewind live TV and record two channels at the same time whilst watching two others simultaneously (picture within a picture-style). Perfect if you need to pop out for a cuppa or watch that wonder goal again and again. And you won’t have to agonize over which clashing shows to record; simply record them both at the same time. Amazing!

There are a couple of models available from Firebox at this point in time – the 250GB TF5800 that comes in aluminum or Black Panther colors, retailing for £219.95 a pop while the black 500GB TF5810 is decidedly more expensive at £349.95.

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