Robot Coupe Bread Slicer: I Have No Words.

robot_coupe.jpgI know – this is another day of “wow that’s a gadget I would have never thought of” here at Coolest Gadgets. You all will recall the friggin’ awesome Steak Toaster from last week (which is still the most awesome thing ever) – and now this week we have an innovation in bread slicing.

I know what you’re thinking – “bread slicing? Is that the best thing since sliced bread?” as you dissolve into giggles at your own cleverness. Again, some clever (but slightly twisted) individual took a look at his salad shooter, then at his baguette lying on the counter and though “dude, I need something to shoot sliced baguette!” Thus the Robot Coupe Bread Slicer was born.

Being neither a robot nor a coupe, the Robot Coupe Bread Slicer is a gleaming, stainless steel monolith that will tear through baguette like a hot knife through butter. The description from the seller’s website (spelling errors not corrected!):

Robot Coupe professional French bread slicer ideal for small catering companys baguette, sandwich shops, stainless steel blade cuts thickness 8mm to 80mm.

The bread slicer allows up to 180 bread slices per minute or 360 slices for baguette, from 8mm to 80mm thickness for the perfect cut quality. Ideal for sandwich shops or lunch van trade. Extremely safe and robust, simple to use, the TP 180 meets all the requiements of the catering market to answer to strickest hygiene standards.

I sincerely hope that English is this company’s second (or third) language – because some simple spell check could’ve caught that disaster of spelling.

Moving back to the Robot Coupe Bread Slicer, it’s pretty obvious that this is meant for professional use – or for the fanatical baguette lover or just for someone who just can’t get enough crostini. Now if this gadget lightly toasted the bread as it shoots out – that would be even more awesome. At a wallet-busting $2,700, you’d better be serious about baguette slicing to pick one up.

[Catering-Machines via Oh Gizmo!]