Taser parties the latest fad? I hope not.

by Mark R

Taser party

Ah, remember the days of Tupperware parties? It seems like it was only yesterday. Actually, they still do them, but there is a new trend in this marketing campaign: Taser parties.

That’s right, these are parties devoted to Tasers. According to my source, the idea was conceived by Dana Shafman, and it is where the lady of the house invites all the other ladies and shows them the latest trends in Taser-ware. The cute little electric guns you see to your left are just a few in the latest trend of taser fashions.

I suppose taser parties give housewives and other Pyramid company users the chance to make a little money on the side while giving others a feeling of security as they carry around some serious electric stunning action. Please remember that these tasers aren’t as harmless as say, mace or pepper spray.

I can just see someone trying to promo these: “Now I’ll demonstrate this on Debra.” ZZZZap! “And guaranteed for maximum shocking! Now available in nine different patterns to accessorize with anything!”

I realize that this seems obvious, so I’ll say it in writing: “Don’t tase us, bro, don’t tase us.” Once these parties get around, though, it will be too late.


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