Optimus Maximus finally ships


Optimus Maximus

If you had to think of the coolest keyboard in the world, I wouldn’t be surprised if you said the Optimus Maximus. Then again I also wouldn’t be surprised if you laughed and said that it wasn’t a real keyboard, but rather a magical creature designed by some Russian guy. Well the keyboard has finally made its way into existence, and is now officially shipping.

The Optimus Maximus makes every other keyboard on the market seem plain and boring. Each key is actually a tiny OLED screen whose image can change at any time to suit your needs. Unfortunately the keyboard has been delayed enough times to make Duke Nukem laugh.

Art Lebedev, creator of the Optimus Maximus announced today that they are shipping out their first batches of the long-awaited keyboard. The downside to this announcement is that they only seem to have enough to fill the orders that were placed last year.

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