UK Study finds gadgets are addictive

by James

Gadget addiction

Researchers in the U.K. have been researching gadget addiction and are warning that users of such digital gadgetry like Blackberries, Cellphones, and other digital devices are providing their users with a techno-fix which can detrimental to their everyday life.

According to the Beeb, a professor in Northhampton University in the U.K. conducted a study of 360 subjects and found that up that up to a third became “tech-addicted.” Some would get up several times a night to check emails and text messages.

“You would be surprised how many people had their PDA or Blackberry next to their bed heads,” said Professor Nada Kakabadse. “Those who are addicted will get up in the middle of the night and pick up messages on their PDAs two or three times a night.”

Although in early stages the addiction can add to a worker’s productivity, the study also suggested that those who have to get their gadget fix may find it effects their job performance as they feel they must be connected at all times and over a long period of time, that linking can cause stress and anxiety, the inability to complete other tasks as they must constantly check messages, and even cause those addicted to become more withdrawn from everyday relationships as they pursue contact online. And often, detecting the addiction can come too late and that employers should provide proper warnings and training for a more healthy use of technology.

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