Japan to Get Silver PS3, Greatest Hits Games

satinsilver.jpgBack in November, Sony released a white PS3 for the Japanese market. There’s been rumblings that the white PS3 will be coming to the US, but Sony is denying those rumors.

Now, Sony has announced that they’re releasing a 40GB Satin Silver PS3 for the Japanese market (bundled with a SIXAXIS Controller) available on March 6th for ¥39,800 ($362). From Sony’s press release:

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan (SCEJ), a division of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCEI) responsible for business operations in Japan, today announced that it would release PLAYSTATION®3 (PS3®) 40GB model in a new “Satin Silver” color in Japan on March 6th, 2008, at a recommended retail price of 39,980 yen (including tax). “Satin Silver” will also become available for DUALSHOCK®3 Wireless Controller at a recommended retail price of 5,500 yen (including tax).

A new fine metallic “Satin Silver” is offered as an additional color to the existing PS3® (CECHH00 Series) line-up of “Clear Black” and “Ceramic White”. Choosing from a broader selection of colors to match their lifestyle and preferences, users will be able to enjoy next generation interactive entertainment contents on Blu-ray Disc as well as via the broadband network at home.

Users will also be able to enjoy immersive game play experience on upcoming PS3 titles compatible with separately sold DUALSHOCK 3 Wireless Controller, including “Ryu ga Gotoku KENZAN!” (SEGA CORPORATION) and “echochrome” ※1 (SCE WWS). SCEJ will continue to further expand the PS3 platform with enhanced line-up of PS3 systems and peripheral products.

Once again, the American and European markets are snubbed in favor of the Japanese market for new products and choices in their lineup. No wonder the XBox 360 is doing so well here.

Sony has also announced that they’ll be releasing some PS3 greatest hit titles available on March 19th: Folklore, Resistance, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Mobile Suit Gundam, and Ridge Racer 7 all retailing for ¥3,619 (US$34).

[via Kotaku]

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  1. This looks like a cool PS3. When are they rolling out the rest of the UK. I like it more than the standard black one, although I did buy a custom skin for mine.

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