Callpod Dragon Bluetooth headset

callpod-dragon.jpgBluetooth seems to be the way to go these days, especially if you’re a huge fan of being wireless. Well, those with cell phones definitely have a whole lot of Bluetooth-compatible headsets to choose from, and Callpod is one of the candidates to consider. Their Dragon Bluetooth headset is not only good for use with cell phones, but it works just fine with PDAs, VoIP devices as well as computers as long as they are all Bluetooth compatible. Somewhat akin to a spell cast in Dungeons & Dragons, the Dragon Bluetooth headset works well only within a 100 meter range, which is by far and large already a vast improvement over the ordinary 10 meter range that standard Bluetooth headsets currently employ.

What else does the Dragon have o offer? Well, for starters, it is capable of silencing ambient noise as well as annoying pops and clicks thanks to its proprietary Dual-Mic Noise Suppression technology which is capable of isolating the user’s voice by removing background noise. This would make conversations a whole lot easier on both ends, reducing frustration for those in a tense situation. The Dragon also works great when connected to the PC whenever you want to chat up a friend over Skype while on a mobile call, letting you switch back and forth between the PC and cell phone at the touch of a button.

Ambient noise elimination is made possible courtesy of a new Bluetooth technology known as “enhanced audio channels”, or eSCO for short. This technology can also be found on the iPhone if you’re interested to hear a sample. Callpod is bold enough to claim that callers on the other end will be entertained to a crystal clear voice no matter where they are (well, almost anyway), so airports, noisy restaurants or cars are fair game. The Callpod Dragon will retail for $119.99.

Source: Gizmag

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