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freeplay1.jpgFreeplay Energy has announced the launched of its new Freeplay Companion, an integrated compact device that uses a variety of energy sources in order to power itself. The Freeplay Companion will harness solar, rechargeable, and human-powered energy in order to convert it into electricity that will subsequently power portable, consumer products to do away with conventional battery powered systems which more often than not, is a burden to our environment with their toxicity and cost required to dispose of them properly. In a nutshell, the Freeplay Companion is a radio, a flashlight, and a cell phone charger, all rolled into one.

It measures a mere 125mm long and is definitely travel friendly, tipping the scales at 200 grams. You get a solar panel and a crank, so during the day you will be able to charge the device by leaving it lying down under the sun while should dusk settle, there is always the crank for you to use good old muscle power. Say goodbye to disposable batteries forever, with the Freeplay Companion Radio providing assured listening, anytime, anywhere. It will come in a compact form factor, with the robust radio boasting a rubberized body with recessed control knobs for greater impact resistance and comfort. The AM/FM radio comes with an earphone socket, a flashlight with 3 LEDs with optics optimized for a focused light. Abrupt conversations on your cell phone will also be a thing of the past, since the built-in cell phone charger helps keep your lifeline communications device juiced up.

Rahul Sharma, vice president, marketing and sales for Freeplay Energy say, “We are excited to be the first green technology company to bring this product to market. Freeplay’s products are built to last and the compact size of this product and integrated nature of the offering brings tremendous value for the North American consumer. Retailing at approximately $30 to $32 dollars we feel that the Freeplay Companion offers as much utility as the Swiss Army Knife – making it an essential for all outdoor enthusiasts.”

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