Wii Fit to get an increased weight limit?

Wii Fit

When Nintendo announced their Wii Fit last year, there was something that I found to be just a little strange. Bear in mind that this is a fitness product; it featured a 300lb weight limit. Sure, I’m well below that limit, but there are others out there that would no doubt look to this as an entertaining way to shed some pounds only to find that they exceed the weight limit. As Nintendo gets ready to launch the Fit here in the US many people are speculating that they are working to increase this limit.

Like many games, the Wii Fit has already been out in Japan, and is still waiting for its stateside launch. Nintendo has finally given us a (somewhat) clear idea of when we can see this little white board hit our store shelves. While no clear indication of an increased weight limit has been given, we’ll look for it when the Fit launches during Q2 of 2008.

Source: BoyGenius

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  1. PS. people usally buy these game systems for their kids but shouldn’t we be able to use them to?

    What makes me mad is how many over 300 lb people bought the wii fit to have to be embarassed by returning the pad.

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