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Apposite Technologies recently rolled out its Linktropy Mini, a device that is actually a portable, low cost version of the Linktropy WAN emulator. What exactly does the Linktropy Mini do, you ask? For starters, it is capable of emulating wide area network links of up to 100 Mbps without breaking the bank, thanks to a $1,975 price tag. The basic network impairments emulated include link bandwidth, delay, jitter, and packet loss among others, and was specially designed to meet the needs of sales professionals, sales engineers, and product resellers who can’t wait to demonstrate the performance of their own networking applications at various venues such as customer sites and trade shows.

The Linktropy Mini comes with an intuitive, browser-based interface that makes installation and configuration of the Mini hassle-free, enabling users to grasp the test conditions at a glance. There is a traffic monitor that displays throughput graphs and statistics in order to helping to visualize application performance. Not only that, this is an extremely portable and lightweight device thanks to its compact, set-top box form factor. There are no moving parts to worry about, while the Mini goes about its job silently and reliably despite frequent shipping between sites.

According to Jimmy Chang, senior product marketing manager for Citrix WANScaler, “The Mini is a perfect combination of size and features for our partners and sales engineers to take to customer sites and demonstrate the effectiveness of Citrix WANScaler for accelerating application performance over different link speeds and latencies. We are impressed that the Mini takes only seconds to setup, and its integrated WAN performance monitor helps to sell our product.” The Linktropy Mini is currently in stock and available for immediate delivery. No idea about pricing, but you would do best to contact Apposite Technologies yourself if you want to have a better idea of its pricing options.

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