Gigabyte announces Eee PC competitor


Last week we told you that Acer would be joining the ranks of companies like Asus who wish to dominate the realm of super-small laptops. They hope to launch their 8 or 9-inch ultra portable by the end of the quarter, or the beginning of next at the latest. In response to Acer’s announcement, Gigabyte has released a statement saying that they too wish to compete in this market.

Like Acer, they haven’t released a lot of information regarding their future ultra portable, though we do know it will be Intel-based and feature a 7 to 9-inch screen. Rather than outsource the design or manufacturing of the low-cost portable, they have decided to do everything in-house.\

Gigabyte is set to launch their new notebook sometime in the month of June following launches of a mobile internet device (MID) and an ultra-mobile PC (UMPC) in April. No word on what price-point they are expecting to hit, but we can assume that it would be in line with the Eee PC against which they are expecting to compete.

Source: PCLaunches