Recharge four iPods at once with the Griffin Powerdock

Griffin Powerdock

I’d be willing to bet that you only have a single iPod that you actually use on a regular basis (if you have one at all). If you count your iPhone, that’s two at most right? Having only a single iPod makes it easy to find a dock that will charge it up. However, what do you do when the whole family carries around an iPod? Sure, you could buy four separate docks, but that’s a lot of money. The folks at Griffin have the perfect solution.

When I first saw this dock I thought that it would be crazy for someone to have that many iPods, then it dawned on me that just because there’s only one person in my family that carries an iPod doesn’t mean everyone is that way. There really isn’t a whole lot to talk about with this dock, as it is simply for recharging only. If you only have a pair of iPods (or one plus an iPhone) they will also be offering a similar dock that holds only two devices.

The best part about the dock (aside from its simplistic design) is the price. $70 is a decent price to pay for the convenience of charging all of your iPods in one spot. The two-port dock will run you $50. The four-port will land this April while the two-port won’t ship until sometime in June.

Source: Technabob