iSkin rocks Macworld 2008 with new solutions


Macworld 2008 isn’t all about the Macbook Air and it’s integrated battery – no siree, we also have a bunch of other interesting items to look at, especially for folks who have recently picked up a shiny new Apple product and want to prevent scratches and nicks to it. iSkin Inc. is here to save the day yet again by parading a quartet of new products which target Mac users, and they are the iSkin Pro Touch, the iSkin eVo3 Classic, the iSkin Redline, and the iSkin Fuze. Sounds pretty funky, no? Detailed descriptions of each offering will be made available after the jump.

iSkin Pro Touch – Designed for Apple’s Aluminum Keyboard, the iSkin Pro Touch is a must for those who refuse to sacrifice function for form. Made of high-grade silicone for remarkable, robust protection and lightweight portability, the iSkin Pro Touch’s built-in Microban antimicrobial properties actually keeps the keyboard clean! And when it comes time for a quick wash and dry, the iSkin Pro Touch removes easily and re-installs effortlessly. The iSkin Pro Touch is available in four eye-catching colors: Arctic (Clear Frosted), Blush (Translucent Pink), Eclipse (Black), and Sonic (Translucent Blue). And speaking of attractive, the iSkin Pro Touch is very attractively priced at $24.99, available now at

iSkin eVo3 Classic – Hailed as a breakthrough silicone protector for iPod, the iSkin eVo3 Classic re-establishes this product as the ONLY iPod high-grade, anti-dust silicone protector. Precision-molded to provide the ultimate fit with a high-quality finish, and featuring an ultra-clear, scratch resistant screen and face guard, the iSkin eVo3 Classic delivers maximum protection WITHOUT the bulk and “heaviness” that iPod fans famously dislike. The iSkin eVo3 classic is available in two beautiful color options, Eclipse (Solid Black) and Arctic (Clear Frosted). Priced at $34.99, the iSkin eVo Classic is now available at

iSkin Redline – Reflecting iSkin’s legendary commitment to a cool, sophisticated look and feel, iSkin Redline bags are constructed from genuine cow leather, and dyed with environmentally-friendly vegetable dye. To cater to the demanding and detail-conscious Mac-friendly consumer, all iSkin Redline bags are constructed from an entire piece of leather in order to reduce the amount of seams in the final product, and all handles and straps are physically stitched into the base of each bag. The stitching thread, made of 100% cotton and manufactured by Germany’s “Gutterman,” delivers strength and security WITHOUT fraying or damaging the leather during manufacturing – a problem that many other bags encounter. To ensure that the iSkin Redline bags withstand the wear and tear that today’s active consumers demand, all findings are constructed with high-grade solid metal alloys that clamp into place. This durability is mirrored inside, too, as each bag is lined with a high quality, durable, tear-resistant micro fiber that won’t scratch laptops or any other carried items.

iSkin Fuze – The latest innovation for iPhone lovers who need to TOTALLY protect their prized possession and keep it safe for years of enjoyable use. Designed with total mobility and freedom in mind, the snap-tight iSkin Fuze case elegantly blends dual layer impact-resistant polycarbonate material and a shock absorbing soft inner layer for total all-around, encapsulated protection. Naturally, function isn’t sacrificed in the pursuit of protection, as the iSkin Fuze allows for full screen, sensor, port and antenna access. The iPhone’s docking port – its most vulnerable and exposed component –is also protected from the harsh elements thanks to the iSkin Fuze’s integrated flexible port cover for. Available in an array of modern, stylish colors, the iSkin Fuze can be used with the iSkin’s revoClip – thereby avoiding the need to purchase a second clip for the iSkin Fuze. Available by the second quarter of 2008, the iSkin Fuze will sell from and select Apple retail outlets.

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