Latest Tech News – 14 January

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Prices go down for HD DVD players

On the never-ending fight between HD and Blu-Ray, one company decided to cut down the price of the players, and I’m talking about Toshiba.

With that being said, HD DVD players will be 40% or 50% cheaper, which means that the final price can go from the lowest being $150, up to the highest of $400.

Besides cutting the prices, another step to make the HD DVD format even more attractive, is the promotion that includes (free) five HD DVD movies, for each player sold. A good tactic overall, don’t you think?

New Service Pack for Windows Vista

The release candidate of Windows Vista Service Pack 1 is now available online, for everyone! The version that has been on the testing mode thanks to 15,000 beta users, is suppose to be bug-free, and also has some improvements related to performance and compatibility details.

The update is also known as SP1 RC Refresh, and to install it, you actually need to uninstall previous SP1 versions.

San Francisco mayor on Second Life

Don’t get the wrong idea about the title, sometimes Second Life can be used for good stuff. With that being said, Liden Lab’s CEO – Philip Rosedale – had the chance to interview the mayor – Gavin Newsom – on the virtual world of Second Life.

When Philip asked a question related to virtual world and geeks, the mayor replied in a chilly mood:

Why are you so sensitive about geeks? It’s all good, we’re all geeks.

Sources: Reuters and Cnet

Guest post by Tiago of Gadgetizer