Spykee now has a family


Spykee family

We reported on Spykee last year at CES, well this year he is not alone, he now has his own little family.

First off is Spykee Cell who you control via your mobile phone using Bluetooth, he does such fun things as moving his head and has various lights and sounds. It also incorporates a camera so he can take pictures and transfer them to your phone. Next up is Miss Spykee, the female robot with 2 moods, friendly or mean, interaction with Miss is via voice recognition. Miss Spykee offers advice and can also be used as a universal IR remote control to operate your other appliances. Along similar lines to Miss is Spykee Vox but instead of giving advice he fights with sounds and lasers

All of the Spykee products work as docks for your iPod and as with the original Spykee they come in kit form that you’ll need to build your self. Prices start at $149 and are due for release October 2008.

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yash Says: December 16, 2008 at 1:04 pm

hi,,,i want to have one of these spykee family collection for free if possible,,,as if it as i have fallen in love with these spykee robots,,,they are all very cute

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