Manfrotto ModoSteady camcorder stabiliser

by Marc

IMG_0475--Web Manfrotto are known for high quality camera tripod system. This year they’re launching the "ModoSteady" video camera stabiliser system at CES. It’s basically a comfortable grip with a counterweight that hangs down under the camera to give it some stability. It really does make a surprising difference – as camcorders get smaller, they get harder to hold steady and even with stabilisation built in to the camera you can still get shaky images.

With the grip attached to the camera even this inexperienced user was able to make steady, slow panning shots and hold the camera still.

The mount also converts to a "shoulder pad / pistol grip" style of grip, which some people find a more comfortable way of doing the same thing. It has the usual array of adjustments you’d expect from manfrotto gear and is available soon from your favourite camera store.

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Gallery of Gadgets from CES » Coolest Gadgets Says: January 7, 2008 at 4:00 pm

[…] Manfrotto ModoSteady camcorder stabiliser […]

James Molesworth Says: January 16, 2008 at 6:13 pm

I’ve purchased this product and was bitterly disappointed with the modosteadys ability to stabilise the camera.

Firstly as a camera stabiliser, the modosteady has a tendency to wander in the z-axis, typically clockwise (I wander if this has to do with living in the southern hemisphere). Also, you are unable to press or adjust any of the cameras settings while it is precariously balancing on the handle and ball-joint.

Secondly as a shoulder support, the modosteady’s handle is very loose due to the inbuilt tripod. The tripod allows for the handle to move even when the ball-joint has been completely tightened. To fix this, I’ve placed a a rubber band around the top of the handle to minimise the movement, however this hasn’t complete removed this irritation and the camera still gets shakes while in the shoulder support position.

Thirdly the table tripod, it is impossible to use the table tripod for video use, if you are wishing to have the ball-joint loose and movable. The ball-joint when loose will just allow the camera to fall sideways and you will never have a stable camera in the y-axis. And as for the people advertising that the tripod is perfect for a ‘pistol grip’ they completely kidding themselves.

One other issue I have with the modosteady is that the joints are very hard to tighten to a point which they won’t move. I feel like either the product or my fingers are going to break before the joints are tight enough that the components wont move. I had issues with the two joints specifically, they are the joint which holds the weights and the joint that holds the main arm to the head.

The verdict, if you have purchased this product, take it back for a refund, and if you are planning on purchasing this product, look at other alternatives as the anti-shake function on your camera will do just as good job.

John Hart Says: June 5, 2008 at 4:36 pm

Received my modo steady from B&H as expected, how ever the only good thing about Bogen’s new gadget was the serves I received from B&H. I was planning on using this stabilizer with a Sony HDR-HC1 but the camera seems to be too heavy. It just would not work. I have had the privilege of use a Tiffen MERLIN so this wasn’t even close. I Might call Bogen to see if there are lead plates instead of the steel ones.

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