Help, I’m stuck!

If you’ve ever found yourself totally lost or stuck; your mobile’s died and you’ve no idea how you’re going to contact anyone to ask for help; you need to get yourself a SPOT Statellite Personal Messenger, available from SPOT Inc and as seen at the CES 2008 Unveiled.

This neat little device not only lets you know where you are via a GPS or satellite network, it can also let other people know where you are if you get stuck. Particularly useful for those who participate in some of the extreme outdoor sports, such as snowboarding, rock climbing or even if you’re just a simple skiier or hiker. So, in the unfortunate scenario that you end up falling down a ravine with no way out and a broken leg to boot, you just press the ‘9-1-1- alert’ button on your SPOT which contacts the emergency services for you and gives your location via the commercial satellite network, allowing them to get to you pretty pronto.

This device has already saved lived – the next could be yours! Retailing at $169 and with an annual subscription of $99.95, I think you’re worth it.

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