Digital Power Station technology to go on parade at CES


Bongiovi Acoustics have announced that they will display and demonstrate its breakthrough Digital Power Station technology when CES 2008 rolls around next week. The Digital Power Station Technology has been patented, boasting a “unique digital signal processing method that substantially enhances sound quality in playback devices by compensating for deficiencies in usable frequencies, audio components, environments and room acoustics.” Well that’s what the press release says anyway, so you will have to listen to it with your own ears to believe it. I suppose there is some grain of truth in there, but for non-audiophiles like yours truly, the difference might not be so telling no thanks to my untrained ears.

The Bongiovi Acoustics Platinum Record Edition package that will be on display at CES 2008 comprises of the Bongiovi Acoustics KD-S100 car audio system manufactured by JVC Mobile Entertainment and a custom leather kit provided by Katzkin Leather of Montebello, CA. This unique sound system can be found in a 2008 base model Scion xB. Folks who are heading down towards CES next week will be able to check out a live demonstration of the KD-S100 car audio system on
Wednesday, January 9 at 12:00 PM at the CNET Car Tech North Hall Stage. CNET folks will be there to film and broadcast the event, so for those who cannot make it there can always check it out from the comfort of your computer chair.

In addition, Digital Power Station technology will be demonstrated by appointment in a variety of consumer electronics including headphones, flat panel displays and 5.1 surround sound home theater systems as well as video gaming, medical, computer and iPod accessory applications. Sounds like the total audio solution to me (no pun intended). All I know is there will be tons of tricked out cars and fancy audio-video solutions on offer if past shows are anything to go by.

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