Stainless Steel Camcorder from Micro

by Mark R

Micro Stainless Steel Camcorder

Hello, Vloggers, I’ve got something for you. Something that will be a little more durable than these cheap plastic webcam or handheld jobs that are really pervasive in the market today.

This camcorder is from Micro, and is cast of Stainless Steel. This Stainless Steel Camcorder shoots DVD quality footage. It can record two hours of footage and 100 5.4 Megapixel still images on a 2GB SD card.

Not only that, there is a very nice looking handle to it, especially how it folds up like that. I’m wondering if it is a little less fragile. I mean, could you drop it and still be able to film later on?

I think I would feel a little more comfortable carrying this thing around and filming if I knew it was more durable. I mean, do you want to take a regular webcam on the street if one little jarring is going to short it out?

Just think of what you could film with it? I mean, the possibilities are just endless. Man, I have got to get my fingerprints on this thing. I wonder if it will stay on them with some stainless steel action going on.

You can get this little guy on ThinkGeek for about $150.


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