Big Shockie Alert: Wii Sports apparently not as good as real thing

Wii Sports Bunk

Well, all Wii owners out there are probably still enjoying their WiiSports, the “Combat” of the Nintendo Wii. (I’m sure a lot of you aren’t getting the “Combat” reference. Just think back to the Atari 2600.) And I’m certain that some of you have felt good just in knowing that you’re getting your exercise playing Wii Baseball, Bowling, Golf, Tennis, or even Boxing.

Well, I hate to be the one to burst your bubble, but there is UK Study that shows that a round of Wii Sports, even the best one, is no substitute for proper exercise. In fact, it recorded on a negligible difference between playing Wii Sports vs. playing a regular controller game.

So all that hype you’ve been hearing about how Wii Sports are turning that nations youth into Presidential Fitness Award candidates is kind of bunk. However, perhaps Wii Sports in combination with a diet could produce some results.

You want to know what is really funny? The study was funded by Cake, a marketing group of Nintendo located in the UK. Something tells me that’s not the results they wanted, but hey, that’s science for you.

So, if you want some serious exercise, follow the advice of Chris Ledoux: “You’ve got to get off the couch, get out of the house”.


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  1. “…but there is UK Study…” Hmmm interestingly vague. How about this one: There is a random study done is some place with a room that says Wii is F****** AWESOME.

    Yeah, that works!

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