Flickering LED Remote-Controlled Candle

flickering-candle.jpgIf you want to recreate an ambiance with light from candles all around without running the risk of burning down your house, the Flickering LED Remote-Controlled Candle sounds like the perfect choice.

This candle captures the elegance of a real wax candle in a flameless, everlasting candlelight at the touch of a button. These are the world’s only remote-controlled battery-operated flameless candles. Using LED bulb technology, this electronic candle produces a soft flickering light just like a real flame and is both energy and money saving: LED bulbs save energy, and because they never “burn out,” you won’t have to keep purchasing new candles.

These candles are powered by two AA batteries each and retail for $39.99. It is currently out of stock, although a new batch should arrive on the 17th this month.