ClearPlay content-filtering DVD player


ClearPlay has just launched its content-filtering DVD player that will be making their way to Best Buy stores throughout the US. As you know, many parents these days seem to be way too busy to keep an eye on their kids, especially in the information technology age where you can be entertained from a variety of channels such as the old standby, the TV, your cellphone and video game consoles among others. While technology cannot exactly do all the babysitting for you, it could help in some way and this is where the ClearPlay content-filtering DVD player comes in handy.

The ClearPlay DVD player allows parents and guardians to edit out certain content that they find objectionable for themselves (and, of course, their children) – and this could range from profanity to graphic violence, sex and nudity during DVD playback. This is made possible by creating filtering information on a movie-by-movie basis, followed by uploading these “filters” into the DVD player using a USB “filter stick.” Such a method enables filters for the latest DVD releases to remain updated at all times, providing both parents and guardians the ability to police what their family watches.

Currently, the ClearPlay DVD player available at Best Buy comes with over 2,500 ClearPlay movie filters, a ClearPlay USB FilterStik for easy and convenient updates, and a USB port that makes viewing digital photos and loading ClearPlay Filters a cinch. Each ClearPlay DVD player from Best Buy will also come with a year’s worth of unlimited updates as new DVDs roll out from movie studios. What do you think of such technology? Do you think that parents can rely on the ratings board to come up with an appropriate rating for the latest movies released, or do they want to be even more stringent with what the family watches? In my opinion, if your gut tells you that you shouldn’t be watching whatever is being shown on the DVD with your kids beside you, then it is best to skip the movie altogether.

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