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Parrot is a well known name where wireless peripherals are concerned, and the company has just announced that iPhone users will be able to benefit from its new range of Bluetooth hands-free car kits. Conversations held are touted to be crystal clear, so it would help if your ride had a pretty spiffy sound system to begin with. Once a Parrot car kit or music kit is installed, the driver will be able to keep both hands on the wheel and eyes on the road, since you will be able to hear all that’s going on over your vehicle’s audio system.

The following are Parrot car kits that are compatible with the iPhone as per press release.

This Bluetooth hands-free car kit has a tiny user interface that mounts discretely on the dashboard for crystal clear conversation directly through the car speakers.

Parrot CK3100 LCD
Parrot’s top-selling Bluetooth Parrot CK3100 LCD features a monochrome screen that displays phone contacts and caller ID. It will pair with up to five phones, store up to 1,000 contacts by paired phone and up to 150 voice tags. And like all Parrot car kits it offers full voice recognition technology for hands-free use, and advanced noise and echo cancellation technology for clear phone conversations.

Parrot 3200 LS-COLOR
This dash-mounted color LCD screen displays information including caller and photo ID. Photos can be used as wallpaper. The Parrot 3200 LS-COLOR also allows you to browse your phone’s address book and provides a visual menu that is easy to see at a glance.

The Parrot MINIKIT is a hands-free portable speakerphone that features next-generation, best-in-class voice recognition and audio quality for crystal clear, voice-activated phoning in the car, home or office. Sleek and lightweight, you can carry the Parrot MINIKIT around with you wherever you go.

Parrot MK6000
The Parrot MK6000 is a full-featured car kit that also allows the user to stream music wirelessly from a Bluetooth stereo (A2DP)-enabled music player through the car’s audio system. (Note: The iPhone is not Bluetooth-enabled and will require a separate adapter to stream music wirelessly.)

Parrot MK6100
Like the Parrot MK600, the Parrot MK6100 is a full-featured car kit with streaming music, but also has a dash-mounted OLED to display music tracks and caller I.D., along with a steering wheel control. (Note: The iPhone is not Bluetooth-enabled and will require a separate adapter to stream music wirelessly.)

Parrot PMK5800
The Parrot PMK 5800 is a Bluetooth/FM-based portable plug-and-play device that slips into a vehicle’s 12-volt accessory outlet. It handles both hands- free phone calls — and music streamed from a Bluetooth A2DP-enabled device like a smartphone or iPod, or via a wired mini-USB connection. Calls and music are transmitted via an FM signal to the vehicle’s stereo. (Note: The iPhone is not Bluetooth-enabled and will require a separate adapter to stream music wirelessly.)

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Parrot MINIKIT for dads » Coolest Gadgets Says: June 15, 2008 at 5:10 pm

[…] activated contacts per phone! The Parrot MINIKIT retails for $89.99 a pop. Strange to see how a one-year plus product is still being bandied about as a Father’s Day gift […]

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